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art by Raena Gooden




Glitching Icarus (also known as Rae) is an artist and illustrator based in North Carolina, with a bend towards the fantastical, fun, and strange. Having pursued art in a variety of forms for nearly twenty years (including traditional drawings in graphite, charcoal, and ink, as well as acrylic painting, and printmaking), my current focuses are digital illustration and sewing, and sometimes merging the two.

While I am always in a constant flurry of making and trying out new things, my main projects right now include my ongoing Tarot Card series (behind the scenes peeks and details about which card is chosen to be drawn next can be found on my Patreon), my Circus Illustrations series (fantastical drawings modeled on aerial silks, lyra, and trapeze performers), and a variety of character portraits, references, and illustrations for TTRPGs.

If you have any questions, or would like to work on a project together, please check out my commissions information here or feel free to reach out and contact me at

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