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The Magnus Archives Quilt

This quilt is comprised of thirty approximately 8x8in digital illustrations (15 Fears and 15 of my favorite episodes, 3 from each of the 5 seasons of the series) that I had printed on cotton, a layer of batting in the middle, backed and lined with black cotton and a green cotton bias tape border, with a little tag stitched onto the back corner with a quote from MAG 086 Tucked In, “The blanket never did anything”.  


The finished blanket is about 43x50 inches, give or take a bit, and was the work of about 3 to 4 months (from start on the illustrations, to printing, to assembly, all done in and around work and other projects).

This project was my first forray into quilting (and was completed in October of 2021), and has certainly not been my last. I learned a lot on this project, and continue to learn more as I branch out further and further into this craft. 

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